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Magic wand moment in American health care

One day he was in the middle of the eleventh year of nagging anxiety over not just a serious health issue but the fact of being “uninsurable” as far as his homeland was concerned. (I know a couple that moved to Central America two or three years ago to deal with a similar crisis.) The next day he had health insurance. A magic wand moment.

I wonder what will happen to the mood of the country this week if, say, a million people tell their friends and acquaintances that a few days ago they were “uninsurable” but now they have been able to secure the health and financial protection that everyone needs in the modern world. Time for blogging, social media, chatting over coffee, phone calls, emails, bumper stickers, radio essays, letters to the editor, hiring of sky-writing airplanes. I wonder how much a billboard costs? Scholars of social media, you should be keeping track this week–something might happen.

Of course no magic was involved. Policy, the actions of government, and so forth.

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